ARAnyM Official Releases

Latest release is v1.1.0, available here.

All previous releases (ARAnyM source code and binary packages) are found in our download area.

ARAnyM is also part of Debian project now you can install ARAnyM from Debian archive directly (note that for latest version you usually need to install from 'sid'). ARAnyM is also in Ubuntu repositories.

AFROS = ARAnyM/Atari FRee Operating System

If you want to test a ready-to-roll operating system running in ARAnyM then get the AFROS 8.12: download here.

AFROS contains preconfigured EmuTOS, FreeMiNT, fVDI and XaAES based operating system with TeraDesk as desktop plus up-to-date ARAnyM drivers for video, sound and hostfs access. AFROS boots up thanks to EmuTOS so you don't need any commercial software (TOS or disk driver) to start using it.


If you got a PC compatible machine able to boot system from a CD and are curious how the ARAnyM + AFROS work simply download the Live CD ISO image, burn it on a CD and boot from the CD. Get the ISO here.


TOS images and utilities are sometimes found here.