2019-04-14: ARAnyM 1.1.0 released

After more than four years there's a new release with tons of fixes and improvements

2018-02-06: ARAnyM wiki moves to GitHub

The wiki pages have been moved to GitHub. This should allow anybody willing to write anything useful about ARAnyM (either brand new or fix/rework the original stuff) to do that now.

2017-07-18: ARAnyM moves to GitHub

ARAnyM project has been moved to GitHub. This will ease and hopefully even accelerate new development.

2017-02-21: New mailing list

ARAnyM gets a new mailing list at Google Groups (because the old privately hosted ones died long time ago).

2014-10-17: ARAnyM 1.0.2 released

After almost 13 years of development welcome ARAnyM version 1.0!

2014-04-13: ARAnyM 0.9.16 released

New JIT CPU for 64-bit Linux and Mac OS X, MFPR FPU emulation improvements, Ethernet on Mac OS X and improved NatFeat USB

2013-04-15: ARAnyM 0.9.15 released

New seamless mouse integration (with Clocky), fix for NFVDI resolution change and more solid NatFeats.

2012-09-20: ARAnyM 0.9.14 released

New bridging network for Mac users and video fixes for everybody plus middle mouse click for input ungrab.

2012-03-23: ARAnyM 0.9.13 released

A couple of important bug fixes made in the last four days convinced me to make another release.

2012-03-19: ARAnyM 0.9.12 released

New precise FPU emulation core, fully working NF USB, NF clipboard for BeOS. Several minor fixes and one important fix of CPU CAS instruction emulation.

2011-02-06: ARAnyM 0.9.11 released

Few small fixes. Better BeOS/Haiku support.

2010-05-27: ARAnyM 0.9.10 released

This version fixes two nasty crashes in HostFS introduced in previous version. It also brings GEM <-> Host clipboard interconnection.

2009-09-05: ARAnyM 0.9.9 released

Even more fixes all over the place. Best of all - this ARAnyM does no longer crash due to a (now known) bug in libSDL! If previous ARAnyM has ever crashed on you please upgrade to this version and give it another try.

2009-04-25: ARAnyM 0.9.8beta released

Fixes, fixes, fixes... CPU, DSP, VIDEL, IKBD, FPU (for JIT), parallel port and last but not least, better handling of mouse grab/ungrab.

2008-12-26: AFROS on TOS and new DMG package for Mac OS X

I have just uploaded a new DMG package made by Francois that is supposed to contain the necessary SDL libraries - mainly the SDL_image one that is required for boot logo and nfJPEG support (that new AFROS makes use of).

And in the AFROS download area you'll find a new small zip file called AFROSonTOS that will allow you to boot the stock AFROS on your TOS. This can be useful in case you need to check certain software under AFROS and that software suffers from EmuTOS' only partial or even completely missing support for certain HW or SW features (e.g. DSP)

2008-12-17: New ARAnyM+AFROS Live CD released!

It's been more than 4 years since the last (and also first) Live CD release so I decided to spend another couple weeks on preparing a brand new Live CD for you! This is based on a modern Slax Live CD so it should work properly on your new PC hardware. It autodetects the networking, obtains an IP address via DHCP and boots directly to a GEM desktop with internet working. Enjoy and let me know your success stories :-) More information about the Live CD is in this mail post. The ISO image is in a separate download area.

2008-12-17: AFROS 8.12 released

A fresh new AFROS with new versioning (Ubuntu-like year.month), lots of new software, ready to browse internet, write mails, view images, watch movies, listen to music and more! Would you like comparing ARAnyM speed? Use the included Kronos and post your best results :-) Detailed information about the new AFROS is here. AFROS has got its own download area now.

2008-11-08: ARAnyM 0.9.7beta released

Patrice seems to be increasing the ARAnyM's usability for Falcon games - DMA sound, joysticks and joypads.. and so much hard work put into bugfixing DSP? There were of course regular fixes at various areas including improved automatic network setup on Mac OS X, SDL GUI clicks were fixed, keyboard scancodes corrected and more.

2008-01-29: ARAnyM 0.9.6beta2 released

In short: much faster graphics output, Mac OS X supported better than ever (JIT on IntelMac, networking and more!), coming with ARAnyM logo+icons and usual bunch of bug fixes and improvements.

2007-07-23: AFROS 0.9.5-3 released

AFROS with new HighWire using TrueType fonts and best of all - with working network/internet connection. Boot it up and browse Web now :-) Download...

2007-07-09: ARAnyM 0.9.5beta released

New release brings major speed up of the MMU version. FreeMiNT with MMU or Linux-m68k can be run on an average ARAnyM machine faster than on any real MC680x0 now. Mac OS X target has been improved and many smaller bugs have been fixed. Download it while it's hot. Also slightly updated AFROS 0.9.5 is available...

2006-11-28: ARAnyM 0.9.4beta2 released

New release fixes couple of CPU/FPU and other bugs. Download at usual place. New AFROS is being prepared and will be available soon.

2006-09-24: ARAnyM 0.9.4beta released

Yes, after 7 months there is a new release. You can download source tar ball, binary for MS-Windows and most notably new AFROS package built using our new cool bootstrapping feature. It's no longer a disk image black-box, now you can copy files around easily even in host OS! Follow this direct link to download.

2006-03-04: CVS links corrected

On Development page I have corrected URLs to point to our new domain Also added a direct link to CVS web interface.

2006-02-28: Pack 3D

Added link to Pack 3D in Links

2006-02-20: new domain, new documentation, new release

ARAnyM now runs on its own domain:

Documentation is now available in a Wiki for easier editing.

New release 0.9.3beta is available for download. Binaries will appear shortly. Updated Atari drivers are available here for now - we'll provide a ZIP package later.

2005-11-03 : mailing lists are back

We've lost the '' server so our mailing lists haven't been working in past few days. Now Tonda has finished migrating them to a new server. Old e-mail addresses still work but you can also start using the new ones: aranym@ and aranym-user@


Linux-m68k kernel has been patched to support the Native Features and on top of that new NatFeat based Ethernet driver for linux kernel has been written. Thanks to that you can enjoy networking in Linux-m68k running on ARAnyM. Patch and precompiled kernel 2.4.27 are available here.


ARAnyM Space Today added to Links.


AFROS has been updated with new fVDI engine (gcc build) and bugfixed fVDI, HostFS and NFJPEG drivers. Of course EmuTOS is the latest from CVS. And for Windows users there is new ARANYM.BAT file for easier AFROS start up. Copy it to your ARAnyM folder and run it from there.


ARAnyM 0.9.0final has just been released. Not many changes since last beta. One important fVDI bugfix included. And documentation has been updated - please try to read it, thanks.


AFROS has been updated with new components. Also the disk image has been enlarged to 8 MB.


ARAnyM v0.9.0beta2 and AFROS 0.9.0 have been released. Binaries for all main platforms are available for immediate download. This release brings many major new features.


I have changed source code snapshots to be generated hourly to reflect the recent fast development pace.


Daily source code snapshots are generated again (this time on my server).


ARAnyM v0.8.11beta has been released earlier but I've been waiting for Windows package in the download area before posting this announcement. Also make sure you give the Xa-My-AES disk image a try (see Links). An updated AFROS is being made as you read this and will be uploaded real soon..


Both user and developer mailing lists offer public access to the archives now.


New download server for the old LiveCD ISO image.


New binary for MacOSX. Apparently the previous build was over-optimized and the FPU didn't work correctly.


ARAnyM v0.8.10beta has just been released, featuring mainly bugfixes. Actually there is one hot thing - MS Windows users will probably experince some speed increase.


ARAnyM v0.8.9beta has just been released, featuring some real great bugfixes. Visit Download Area now.


ARAnyM v0.8.8beta has just been released. Various bugfixes and improvements. Check it out in the Download Area.


Two new binaries of ARAnyM 0.8.7beta for Mac OSX. These will work on Panther (OSX 10.3.x). Believe me. They were tested first. Check out the Download page.

Visit the Contact page - Project Trackers have been added.


Francois sent another binary of ARAnyM 0.8.7beta for Mac OSX. Should work on Panther (OSX 10.3.x). Check out the download page.


Carlo sent a nicely packaged binary of ARAnyM 0.8.7beta for Mac OSX. It's available for your download.

Olivier and his Kronos - check it out.


ARAnyM v0.8.7beta has just been released. This version fixes HostFS bug from previous version. Visit our Download Area.


ARAnyM v0.8.6beta has just been released. This version fixes several hard bugs. Upgrade is highly recommended. Visit our Download Area.


Updated AFROS 0.8.5 (Atari FRee OS) disk image is available in the Download Area. Contains latest FreeMiNT, TeraDesk and EmuTOS. New additions include TaskBar, JayGroups and JCLKTool.

2004-02-04 02:23am

I have just found and fixed several scary problems that were making the 0.8.5beta release unusable on many configurations. Bugfix release is almost ready. Stay tuned and watch this page.


ARAnyM v0.8.5beta for Mac OSX is available. Visit our Download Area.


Janez suggested me indirectly (in a longer thread in to refresh the screenshots so I have just done that. This is only the first batch, I suppose ARAnyM users will send me their best screens for inclusion here as well. Screenshots.


Henk Robbers has written a short description of how to install AFROS on a SuSE Linux/KDE box with a minimum of fuzz. [Henk page].


Standa has updated his personal ARAnyM web page with some important thoughts and a screenshot of MagiC running in ARAnyM. [Standa page].


ARAnyM v0.8.5beta and AFROS 0.8.5 have just been released. Visit our Download Area.


Links section updated with a new home of Teradesk 3.0 which will be installed in the upcoming AFROS release.


Major web site update: dedicated AFROS and Live CD pages written. Enjoy.


Status update: thanks to Christmas vacation I did some long time planned rewrites. It's progressing very well. After unreleased 0.8.3 (November 23th) and 0.8.4 (Christmas Eve) I am now working on a 0.8.5beta code which could be released sometime very soon.


AFROS Live CD available! Now you can download and burn your own ARAnyM/AFROS Live CD and turn any (decent) IBM PC compatible into a fast FreeMiNT machine. It's just a safe and simple demo of the ARAnyM possibilities. Will create a dedicated web page to AFROS Live CD sometime soon. Until then go download it there.


Arnaud BERCEGEAY has written (and is keeping up-to-date) an excellent guide about installing EasyMiNT on AFROS (see Links).


Updated afros 0.8.2 (Atari FRee OS) disk image is available in the Download Area. Contains latest FreeMiNT, XaAES and EmuTOS and is suitable for Arnaud's EasyMiN-on-AFROS installation guide.


ARAnyM v0.8.2beta has just been released. Visit our Download Area.

Latest afros 0.8.2 (Atari FRee OS) disk image is available in the Download Area as well.


Updated afros 0.8.1 (Atari FRee OS) disk image is available in the Download Area. Contains latest EmuTOS (should fix RTC year offset, shutdown crash and possibly more) and an alpha version of new XaAES (many many bugfixes).


The server running the mailing lists for ARAnyM ('nightmare') died recently. The lists are now on a new server ('bobek'). Contact URL's on this site were updated to reflect that. You don't have to change anything, the original e-mail addresses should still be valid and working.. Sorry for any inconvenience.


ARAnyM v0.8.0beta3 has just been released. This is the last beta before final 0.8.0 release. Visit our Download Area.

The Windows binary works also on Win9x/ME, but you have to edit the provided config file and comment out (or remove) the Floppy= line.


New afros (Atari FRee OS) disk image is available in the Download Area. Contains newer EmuTOS, BCONOUT and fixed fVDI.


ARAnyM v0.8.0beta1 has just been released - this time with all binaries! Visit our Download Area.


Debian Woody and RedHat 8 packages of ARAnyM v0.7.0 are available for download.


The network emulation (araether) just started working. It's amazing. MiNT-Net, here we go!


Second afros (Atari FRee OS) disk image is available in the Download Area.


We just got a note about ARAnyM running on BeOS (screenshot).


The anoncvs user used for anonymous CVS access does not need any password now. See the Development page.


ARAnyM v0.7.0 has just been released. Visit our Download Area.


Teradesk, a Desktop replacement was released under GPL. So finally we have a complete set of free OS building blocks (Links).


New site of the fVDI author (Links).


Binary package for Mac OS X (download).


I have just finished the XHDI support in EmuTOS so the CVS version of EmuTOS is now able to boot FreeMiNT with its ext2/ext3/minix/vfat-fs drivers (EmuTOS home page).


At last, the 100MB harddisk image updated to recent fVDI version. If you don't have a fVDI setup then go get the file from our download area.

Also new TOS 4.04 download resource has been added.


New binary for Microsoft Windows - this time without the DSP emulation (download).


Mandrake Linux and Microsoft Windows packages of ARAnyM v0.6.8 are available for download.


Debian Woody packages of ARAnyM v0.6.8 are available for download.


ARAnyM v0.6.8 has just been released. Visit our Download Area.


ARAnyM v0.6.6 has just been released. Visit our Download Area.


New ARAnyM WWW pages online

Since last 0.2.0 release of ARAnyM a lot of things have changed. A new release is getting ready and will include the following new features:

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