ARAnyM/AFROS Live CD is a SLAX-based bootable CD with a small collection of GNU/Linux software, the ARAnyM and the AFROS. It boots and runs completely from CD, does not write anything to the harddrive on its own (but you can write to harddrive from inside the AFROS using the drive D: so be careful!) and so it is relatively safe to try out. It is meant as a demo version of ARAnyM/AFROS. It is not the dreamed Installation CD of ARAnyM yet (although it could be modified to work so).

The underlying Linux kernel and related software provide the CD autoboot, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, networking and USB devices and other peripherals. ARAnyM plus AFROS provide our familiar and friendly TOS/FreeMiNT/GEM operating environment. It's all integrated seamlessly and after PowerOn boots straight to the Teradesk (GEM desktop).

ARAnyM/AFROS Live CD is distributed in the form of a CD ISO image which is the usual way of distributing CDs electronically. The ISO image file can be burnt on a CD-R/RW and so you'll get an exact copy of the AFROS Live CD I created on my machine. You can get it in our download area.

Guessed minimum system requirements:

AFROS Live CD usage:

  1. Set up the BIOS of your computer to boot from the CD, put the CD in the drive, and reboot the computer.
  2. At the initial Live CD boot prompt try to select the accelerated graphics first (first two options). If it didn't work for you then you'd need to resort to the VESA options.
  3. After a short while you should end up in the AFROS desktop. The Pause key (in standard ARAnyM configuration) opens up the ARAnyM Setup GUI.
  4. If you explore the drive D: you'll find there your host computer disk drives, plugged in mass storage USB devices and more. Watch out to not destroy your valuable data!
  5. When you want to quit the ARAnyM use the Shutdown option of desktop or the [Shutdown] button in the ARAnyM Setup GUI.

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